Interdisciplinary understanding of environmental issues

Interdisciplinary approach

It is very important that a narrow viewpoint (or reductionist thinking) is avoided when considering ANY environmental issue.
By considering a number of different (and often competing) viewpoints, it helps to find a more 'holistic' solution, suitable to a wider group of stakeholders. This helps to avoid future issues that may occur.
PAJ Environmental Consulting is aware of this and uses an interdisciplinary approach that includes:
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Health effects of environmental issues
  • Internal and external business drivers
  • Media advocacy
  • Physical sciences
  • Politics
  • Policy
  • Psychology
  • Public participation
  • Social sciences
  • Technology

PAJ Environmental Consulting provides environmental and natural resources management consulting services to help individuals, businesses and organisations adapt and move towards a sustainable future.

"Providing interdisciplinary solutions to enhance and sustain the natural, built and social environment"

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